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Pressure Washing in Las Vegas is Really Important

Let's face it, Las Vegas is smack dab right in the middle of a desert and dust can become a major issue for any property.  Whether it is a smaller residential project or even larger hospitality or industrial building project, Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros is your source for the best professional pressure washing service.  We are highly experienced in pressure washing and power washing and have the highest quality of pressure washer equipment in the entire west coast.  Our power washing equipment can clean even the dirtiest areas and revitalize the area back to its original appearance.

Pressure washing or power washing is using a high powered water spray system to clean off just about any substance such as dirt, grease, mold, mud, grime and even chewing gum.  Our systems are designed so that we can adjust the pressure of the water as well as the temperature so that we do not harm any of the surfaces that we are cleaning.  We have several different types of pressure washing systems so that we are able to get into smaller areas.  Our larger machine allows us to commercial pressure wash even the larger surfaces in a shorter time span.

We can also provide what is called an electric powered cold water pressure washer system.  This is a rare cleaning machine that can clean areas where exhaust fumes may be prohibited.  It is an excellent process to be used in manufacturing and processing plants.  Processing business that process food, salad dressings, and other edible items find that the cold water pressure washing system is a perfect fit for their cleaning needs.

Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros not only can restore smaller dusty areas but we also specialize in all kinds of different areas such as the following:

  • roof gutter cleaning
  • siding cleaning
  • paver cleaning
  • patio cleaning
  • commercial interior and exterior cleaning
  • children's play area cleaning
  • driveway cleaning
  • sidewalk cleaning

Our power washing crews can really make your property look like as if it was just built and restore the concrete and other surfaces back to original appearance.  We also take pride in our commercial pressure washer service to be able to sanitize specific areas without using harsh chemicals that would endanger humans.  Our high-quality Landa commercial pressure washing system is capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 400 degrees which will guarantee to kill any bacteria that there may be on any type of surface.  This pressure washing cleaning system can be used on just about any flooring or siding including tile without damaging the surface.  It is designed to do regular pressure washing cleaning and has the capacity to perform high-pressure cleaning as well.

The pressure washer cleaning can also clean and revitalize the exterior of both homes and commercial properties.  Dust can build up on exterior walls and performing the high-pressure washing process on the exterior of buildings can save a property owner from having to pay for a high priced painting job.  In fact, we have performed cleaning services for so many property owners that were quoted thousands of dollars for new paint jobs that we cleaned and made look brand new for a fraction of the cost.

One of our specialties is pressure washing pavers around pool areas and patios.  We pride ourselves in the high quality work that we can do to really make the pavers pop with their original beautiful colors.  Some of our clients have even said that after we've used our high-pressure washing equipment to clean the pavers that they would swear that we actually installed new pavers.  Of course, that's not what we did but that's just going to show that our power washing services are by far the best in southern Nevada by far.

Children's play areas are notorious to spread germs and cause all kinds of illnesses that could have been prevented.  When the kids play on the equipment inside a play area and touch their eyes or mouths with their hands and then back on the play equipment we now have a breeding ground for all kinds of coughs and colds.  By using our high-pressure washing equipment turned to its highest temperatures over 250 degrees, Las Vegas Power Washing Pros can kill all of the bacteria even without using harsh chemicals that could possibly cause danger to the children as well.  We are definitely an eco-friendly operation and provide the best cleaning services without the use of dangerous substances.

Interior commercial areas are where we become your go-to business as we are the experts in providing commercial pressure washer services for inside dining areas, restrooms, and even greasy kitchens.  We can provide power cleaning for just about any surface and there is no job that is too small or too large.  We are your resource for interior commercial pressure washing services.

Our pressure washing team comes with years of qualified experience and is owner operated right here in the Las Vegas valley.  We serve the entire Las Vegas valley in pressure wash service including the following areas:

Our friendly staff will be happy to come out to your property to perform a professional assessment and provide an estimate free of charge.  We are always on time and always on budget.  Same day appointments are always welcome and we do our best to provide speedy services.  Our staff is all employed by our company and we do not outsource any of our employees so that we know who is on your property at all times.  Safety and security are extremely important to our company and we want you to always feel safe and secure when our team is on site.  We are licensed and bonded so that you can rest assured that your property will be in good hands.  You can count on our team to provide the friendliest and best power washing services and make sure that your property is completely clean once we are finished with our services.

Las Vegas Power Washing Pros can also provide soft wash and soft roof wash services.  You can find out more information about that process by going to the page here.

Give us a call today for any and all of your exterior or interior pressure washing jobs that you may need to be done.  We will be happy to assist you with all of your commercial or residential cleaning projects.


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Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros | Pressure Washing Commercial and Homeowners services
Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros | Pressure Washing Commercial and Homeowners services
Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros | Pressure Washing Commercial and Homeowners services