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With so many different surfaces that need to be cleaned from time to time, Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros is proud to introduce the soft wash technique.  Soft washing is a delicate special process to super clean materials that are fragile and could be damaged with a traditional washing.  In the soft wash process, the special state of the art equipment is designed to produce a special spray along with specific cleaning materials and adjustable lower pressure no higher than 400psi.  Obviously, certain surfaces and materials will require different pressures and that is where you can count on our professional team to use the exact pressure and temperatures to best clean your product.

The soft washing process is typically a combination of water and bleach or any other eco friendly cleaning substance that will kill bacteria.  It is very important that a cleaning solution be used during the soft wash process in order to correctly clean.  With the lower psi with the soft wash, cleaning solutions must be used.  Our team only uses the best eco friendly solutions so not to harm the environment or leave dangerous residue behind after completing a job.

There are several different surfaces that actually recommend soft washing over the standard power washing in order to protect the product.  Here are some of the specific surfaces that benefit from a soft wash process:

  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Roof Eaves
  • Stucco and Dryvit Walls
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Brick Siding
  • Wood Fences and Decks
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Polyurethane Roofing
  • Windows
  • Solar Panels

The roofing industry here in Las Vegas has dramatically changed in the last decade.  With our intense desert climate and temperatures escalating above 110 degrees every summer, different roofing products have become available.  Both asphalt roofing and polyurethane roofing are extremely popular and are put on just about 95% of all new commercial buildings.  These roofs can handle the harsh summers and colder winters and provide great insulation to keep energy bills down.  This type of roofing requires a solf wash cleaning in order not to destroy or damage the roofing.  The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association actually recommends a low pressure or soft washing detergent or bleach mixture process for cleaning those types of surfaces.

It is obvious that when you are dealing with wood fencing or decks that you will need to provide some sort of cleaning to them through the years.  Our intense sun can age wood surfaces dramatically and therefore it is recommended that you conduct a soft washing on the wood to restore them back to their original condition.  The soft washing will also remove any algae or dirt due to walking traffic or just the dust that is eminent in our desert valley.  Once the wood surfaces have been soft washed, you may need to apply a simple stain to bring back its luster.

When cleaning painted surfaces and outside exteriors it is important that you use the soft washing process as well so that you don't remove the paint or stucco.  Our soft washing team are experts in this procedure and clean everything from residential homes, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, industrial buildings and store fronts.  We are the professionals when it comes to cleaning exterior areas and have the expert knowledge as to what pressure to adjust the soft wash system to accommodate the appropriate surface cleaning.

Other surfaces that require the soft wash process over the standard pressure washing are items like windows and solar panels.  The soft wash equipment allows water to be dispersed to higher areas that are not reachable from the ground with enough pressure to clean the area.  With the dust levels as high as they are here in the desert climate, it makes sense to have your windows soft washed about every season of the year.  If solar panels are not maintained properly and not given soft washing they can actually not perform to their capability.  Keeping the solar panels cleaned and maintained will save you money in the long run.

Most concrete and brick surfaces are able to handle a strong pressure washing but brick siding or vinyl siding on a property will require a soft wash instead.  If you were to do a pressure wash on a brick siding it can be too much pressure and can actually remove the grout which holds the actual siding or fence together.  Years of outdoor exposure can be extremely harsh on fences and siding and it is unbelievable what a soft washing process do for a properties value.  By restoring the look of an exterior area, property values can be escalated by literally thousands of dollars.

The Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros are your one stop shop for all of your pressure washing jobs.  Whether you need the traditional pressure washing for your driveway, walkways or patios we are the company to call.  We even have provided pressure washing for outdoor surfaces that were the victims of massive graffiti.  There really is no job too large or too small.  Our expertise in soft washing allows our highly educated and professional cleaning crew to know exactly what type of cleaning that your specific surface will require.  Our team members are all employed by Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros and we never outsource employees so that we are confident that all jobs are performed with safety and security.  We have gone to the greatest lengths to only utilize the highest quality industry equipment and eco friendly cleaning solutions to perform both or pressure washing and soft washing procedures.

Give us a call today to schedule your assessment of your property and your free estimate.  We always try to accommodate same day appointments if timing allows.  Our friendly staff is always on time so you don't have to sit around for hours waiting for us to arrive.  Not only are we on time but we are always on budget so you don't have to worry about unforeseen costs that were not discussed.  With decades of experience, Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros is by far your source for the entire southern Nevada area.  We service North Las Vegas, Henderson, Laughlin, Mesquite, Boulder City  and Mt Charleston.


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